Important Notice:

The Q Fever Register is moving to the Australian Immunisation Register from Monday 15 April 2024

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Registrations from Monday 15 April 2024 should be reported to the Australian Immunisation Register. Using the Australian Immunisation Register | Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care.

Click here for the article regarding changes to the Q Fever Register


Information held by the Register may be used for research purposes under the following conditions:

  • The research doesn't breach the privacy provisions of the Register
  • The research is approved by the Australian Meat Processor Corporation (AMPC)

One of the criteria for approval by AMPC will be the potential value of the research for the control of the disease and the protection of workers in high-risk industries.

Only de-identified summary information will be made available for research purposes. No information will be made available that may be associated with a particular individual.

Where the limited information held by the Register is not adequate to answer the research questions, approved researchers may be given contact details of individuals on the Register who have given prior signed consent to being contacted for research purposes.

Researchers seeking access to use Register data must contact AMPC.